About me

I started running in 2008 and completed the Ladies Mini Marathon in Dublin with a couple of friends to raise money for charity. Shortly after that I joined Tara AC and took part in road races, including the Meath Road Racing League. A meeting with a new Kiwi friend (over a few drinks obviously) and she had convinced me I should try a half marathon, so we signed up for the Kildare Half Marathon in 2010. I was petrified, having never ran further than 7 miles before but we did it. It wasn’t long until I decided to step up to marathon distance.  I joined the Meath Marathon Training group and met some great training partners. I completed my first marathon in Dublin in 2011 in 3 hrs 35. After moving to Adelaide in Australia I continued to take part in half marathons and marathons (including a DNF at Auckland in 2012).

It wasn’t until I moved to Sydney’s North Shore & joined Northside Running Group (NRG http://nrg.asn.au) in Sydney that things got crazy. I was introduced to trail running and in 2014 I completed my first trail marathon, Six Foot Track, a 45k marathon in the Blue Mountains. After that it was a giant leap to North Face 100k just three months later. Since then the distances have gotten longer & I completed my first 100 mile race (175k to be precise) in 28hrs 50 mins in September. 2015 was capped off with an epic 240k race called Coast to Kosciuszko.

2015 to 2017 were a massive years and continued to be dominated by ultra distance races (and the training involved!). I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by people who inspire me. They are all ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and I’m lucky enough to call them friends.

GNW Photo